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From: "Marco A dot Hernandez" <marcoh at erols dot com>
Subject: Delivery Confirmation (Please turn them off)
Date: Jun 9 2001 12:22AM


There are appear to be a significant number of list subscribers who have delivery confirmation turned on.  I'm not sure if this is at the MTA or client level.  Please do not turn on delivery confirmation.  If you have delivery confirmation turned on, please turn it off.  Imagine your mailbox filled with:

  To:      SybPerl Discussion List
  Subject: Sybperl Archive
  Sent:    Fri, 8 Jun 2001 05:26:20 +0100

was delivered to the following recipient(s):

XXX XXXXXXX on Fri, 8 Jun 2001 05:46:03 +0100

I really don't want to know if list mail got delivered.  I only care when it doesn't.  All of these messages are coming from Exchange servers.  God Bless Microsoft because I wont!  This just generates a return to the 822 envelope address, owner-SYBPERL-L, which is me.  It fills my box and eats up time.  

Dealing with bounced mail, especially this time of year, is enough.  I've notified some of you personally but there are just too many and I will need to start deleting these users from the mailing list.


Marco Hernandez
SYBPERL-L List maintainer