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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: NUMBER of affected rows
Date: May 10 2001 2:09PM

Karsten Spakowski writes:
 > Hi folks,
 > I work with the DBI and DBD Module on a Sybase Server 11.9.
 > After the execution of an select statement,  I will check the number of
 > affected row,
 > but I get always the -1.

Please read the DBI manual, and also the Sybase OpenClient manual.

There is no way for Sybase to know how many rows a select will return
without counting them (i.e. without fetching all the rows). So there
is no way for DBD::Sybase to tell you how many rows a select query
will return - it can only tell you how many rows *were* returned after
the query data was completely processed.

The number of rows affected will only be significant for
insert/update/delete queries.

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