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From: "Jon Hawkesworth" <j dot hawkesworth at talis dot com>
Subject: sybperl and dbcc
Date: Apr 23 2001 2:57PM

Hi folks,

I'm trying to run 'dbcc checktable(syslogs)' via sybperl (to check that
syslogs aren't full before letting users attempt to run a software upgrade
that creates a stack of transactions when it runs).  (We're using Syperl
2.10 Sybase::DBlib version 1.46 11/06/98 with Perl 5.005_02 on Solaris 2.5.1
with an dataserver on a different box for development work here.  I
appreciate this is something of an antique environment but it is the sandbox
within which I have to play, unfortunately).

I've used this syntax with any number of regular sql queries but for some
reason, when I call the dbcc function, although the command goes away long
enough for me to believe that the command has been run by Sybase, I can't
seem to get it to produce any output:

    my ($output) = &sql($d,"dbcc checktable (syslogs)");
does not initialise $output
    my $output = &sql($d,"dbcc checktable (syslogs)");
returns '0' - not a lot of use when you are after the number of data pages
and/or percent used.
used and neither
    my (@resultarray) = &sql($d,"dbcc checktable (syslogs)");
    my @resultarray = &sql($d,"dbcc checktable (syslogs)");
initialise @resultarray.
I've tried using &nsql() with similiarly disappointing results.

If anybody has any bright ideas about what I might be doing wrong, or what I
could do to get some results, or who has just plain seen this before, I'd be
very gratefull.  I hope what I'm trying to do is actually possible - I
appreciate that called a built-in function like dbcc may need some kind of
special handling.  I imagine Sybperl's intention was for it be to used to
access Sybase for data rather than running housekeeping commands.

All the best,

Jon Hawkesworth

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