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From: David Owen <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: New Release of ("top" for Sybase)
Date: Apr 2 2001 2:03AM

I have just put up a new version of my process and lock monitoring script
onto my site. is a (free) realtime process and lock monitoring tool that shows
you graphically what is happening on a Sybase server much as "top" shows
you what is happening on a Unix box.  One of its most useful features is a
screen showing blocks, and who is blocking who and who is at the bottom of
the blocking tree, ie the process that is the real culprit.

This release fixes a number of bugs, most importantly it fixes the bug that
caused the pre-compiled NT binary to crash for no apparent reason.

You can get the source from or

There is a precompiled NT binary available from

For a screen shot, go to question 9.3.6 of the FAQ 

Please send bug reports and stuff to me (

David Owen     Midsomer Consultants Inc.
Maintainer of the Sybase FAQ: