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From: Stephen dot Sprague at morganstanley dot com
Subject: CPAN Upload: S/SP/SPRAGST/Sybase-Xfer-0.40.tar.gz (fwd)
Date: Apr 1 2001 5:36PM

Version 0.40 of is up on CPAN. A quick description,
change log and wish list appear below.

As usual all feedback greatly appreciated!

Stephen Sprague

  Bulk copies data into a Sybase table.  Data  sources  can  include  a)
  another Sybase table, b) the  results  of  any  Transact-Sql,  c)  the
  return values from a perl subroutine called repetitively, or d) a flat
  file. An attempt is made to make error reporting/handling/intercepting
  more accessible. One option worth  noting  here  is  -auto_delete.  It
  instructs the module to only delete the rows you're about to insert.

  Also comes with a command line wrapper, sybxfer.

v0.40 CHANGES 
* new defaults
     -U and -P default to $ENV{USER}, -S defaults to $ENV{DSQUERY}

* more concise usage
    -help will invoke a short help,  '-help more' will invoke a 
    slightly more expanded help

* list return context for method xfer
    if method xfer called in list context it will return 
    (num_rows_read, num_rows_transferred, last_error_detected)
# new switch -from_file_map (-ffm) 
    allows re-arranging of fields in -from_file to columns
    in -to_table

* float/int syntax error focus
    the smart error reporting expanded to include float and
    int checks when sybase just indicates a "syntax error".

* the module no longer exits anywhere
     Where it exited before it now returns with a unsuccessful
     return code.
* tweaked the output of -progress_log a little.

*    Would like to convert from Sybase:: to DBI:: and ultimately be able
     to transfer data between different server makes and models.
*    Create the -to_table on the fly if it doesn't exist.
*    Incorporate logic to do the  right  thing  when  transferring  data
     between Unicode and ISO versions of the Sybase server.
*    Allow DBlib handle to be passed in lieu  of  -from_user,  -from_pwd
*    add option to drop indices before bcp and re-create  indices  after
*    add new option -ignore_warnings 'num | regexp'. (a way to deal with
     the 'oversized row' message not being fatal in Sybase's bcp)
*    add a statistics summary in Xfer Summary report
*    print time on Progress Log report
*    -auto_delete option should figure out the unique keys on  -to_table
     thereby not forcing the user to supply them.