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From: jimmy mcdonald <jimmy at simplayer dot com>
Subject: Re: max DBPROCESS problem
Date: Mar 12 2001 11:47PM

>If each apache httpd process can have up to 50 open connections then
>your DB server will have to be configured to handle a *lot* of
>connections, and that's just wasting space.
>(unless each script connects to a different database server, of course)

i guess i dont understand how this is different.
from what i understand my perl script opens a connection
to the database and leaves it open. after 25 scripts
have done this, i get errors. if i use the method you
just posted, wouldnt each script still take on a persistent
connection of its own?

or, in other words, how does the code you suggested share the

im not writing the scripts, im just trying to help the people who
are to avoid running out of connections, so i apologize for
not understanding the way that most people on this list would.
my job is to keep the systems up and running and this is causing
problems such as filling error logs and causing end user complaints
which eventually land on my desk.

thank you,