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From: jimmy mcdonald <jimmy at simplayer dot com>
Subject: Re: max DBPROCESS problem
Date: Mar 12 2001 11:17PM

>First, I question the real need for an apache process to have more
>than 25 open connections (unless you open the connections during
>startup and share them later on among the apache children, but even
>then you shouldn't need that many)

the goal is to keep persistent connections so that one of the perl
scripts can easily connect to the database.

we have about 50 different scripts that someone might use
from the website.

>Second - when are you opening the connections? Are you doing it in the
>scripts themselves, or do you open the connections in a pre-load
>module (i.e. when apache starts up?)

the connections get opened the first time the scripts are called,
which makes me wonder if apache is setting the limit to 25 and then
this parameter in syb-perl is perhaps being ignored.