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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: max DBPROCESS problem
Date: Mar 12 2001 11:10PM

jimmy mcdonald writes:
 > >>>       dbsetmaxprocs(100);
 > when using dbsetmaxprocs in scripts, must i use this in all scripts
 > and restart the apache server for it to work?
 > will this change the maxprocs of a process with the default of 25
 > or does it need to be an apache process spawned by a script that
 > uses this setting?

First, I question the real need for an apache process to have more
than 25 open connections (unless you open the connections during
startup and share them later on among the apache children, but even
then you shouldn't need that many)

Second - when are you opening the connections? Are you doing it in the
scripts themselves, or do you open the connections in a pre-load
module (i.e. when apache starts up?)

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