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From: Gary Chen <f2ind at yahoo dot com>
Subject: Re: How To Send String in UTF-8 Format to Sybase
Date: Mar 9 2001 9:52PM

Do you mean to change to:
	{CON_PROPS => {
	CS_HOSTNAME => 'test.db',
	CS_SYB_CHARSET => 'utf8' }};

But this didn't work either.  

The STP parameter is defined varbinary(40); when I
sent the parameter string in ASCII/UTF-8 encodeing, it
worked.  But when I sent the parameter string which
contains accented character (e.g. "") then it doesn't
work.   The stp in Sybase does the following:

select @foundArea=NULL
select @foundArea=id from area where id=@id
if @foundArea is NULL
return 1

I always get the retcode = 1.

Do I need to do something special on the Sybase side? 

Thanks again for your help.


--- Michael Peppler  wrote:
> Gary Chen writes:
>  > I wrote a test program which reads in text string
> and
>  > translates it into UTF8 format and sends to
> Sybase,
>  > which stores the data in UTF8 format.
>  > 
>  > I have open a db connection without error by
> using the
>  > following:
>  > 
>  >     $dbh = new Sybase::CTlib $uid, $pw, $svr,
> 't_utf',
>  >       {CON_PROPS => { 
>  >       CS_HOSTNAME() => 'test.db',
>  >       CS_SYB_CHARSET() => 'utf8' }};
> I think this is the problem. You are using
> CS_SYB_CHARSET(), but the
> code expects CS_SYB_CHARSET (i.e. the string, not
> the numeric
> value). Same with CS_HOSTNAME().
> Michael
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