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From: Francois Ochsenbein <francois at vizir dot u-strasbg dot fr>
Subject: Re: Error messages in Sybperl
Date: Mar 5 2001 11:54PM

Thank you, Michael, yes it works after the application of the 
sp_addserver to define the various servers, it works, at least
I can easily find the server which generates my errors... Thanks !

>Francois Ochsenbein writes:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm using sybperl-2.12, with a sybase ASE 11.9.x (running on Sun Solaris 5.7)
> > which simplifies a lot my work, thanks to the creator of the package ! 
> > I'm using it (Sybase::DBlib) to query several servers, but when 
> > errors are reported via the default error handle, all error messages
> > quote 'SYBASE' as the server name, whichever server actually reports
> > an error. Is there anything I should initilialize at the connection,
> > or anything I'm doing wrong ?
>I think you need to define the server name for each server via
>sp_addserver , local 
>(run it on each server)
>Although I'm not 100% positive that this will fix your problem.
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