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From: Roleigh Martin <rol at uhc dot com>
Subject: Re: what is the Perl DBI (for Sybase) equiv. to Sybperl DBROWS cmd?
Date: Dec 7 2001 2:38PM

Thanks Michael!

Here is what I did since your email - I created a kornshell job to convert
the docs to PDF and I FTPed them to my windows computer and created icons
pointing at them so I can bring them up with Adobe Acrobat reader.

The two files are these sizes:

  17732 Dec 06 17:21 DBD_SYBASE.pdf
  66492 Dec 06 17:23 DBI.pdf

if you don't object I can post them to the list -- but I won't until hearing
from you first.  I don't know what the list rules are for attachments.

Here is how I converted them to pdf though (we have Unix adobe acrobat 3.0
installed on our AIX box):

cat perlhelp.ksh

cd doc
echo perldoc DBD::Sybase
perldoc -t DBD::Sybase > DBD_SYBASE.txt
portrait10_pdf DBD_SYBASE
echo perldoc DBI
perldoc -t DBI > DBI.txt
portrait10_pdf DBI


cat portrait10_pdf


export FN=`echo $1 | cut -f 1 -d 
enscript -p - -B -fCourier10 $FN.txt | distill -compresstext on -asciipdf 
off > ${FN}.pdf
if [ -s ${FN}.pdf 




    echo portrait10_pdf script failed for some flukey reason -- check it 
out for ${FN}.txt and ${FN}.pdf

if [ $# -gt 1 ]; 



At 03:58 PM 12/6/2001, Michael Peppler wrote:
>Roleigh Martin writes:
>  >
>  > One question raised was -- what is the equivalent PERL DBI way to code
>  > (convert)
>  > use of the old Sybperl DBROWS command especially for when used against the
>  > results of a select command.  DBROWS would return basically TRUE or 
> FALSE if
>  > rows were returned from a select command without having to read 
> through the
>  > rows if you chosed not to.
>There is no equivalent, really. $sth->execute will return TRUE if no
>error was found, and you then have to call $sth->fetch_*() to see if
>there were any rows.
>  > Second question, where does the Perl DBD/DBI documentation get 
> installed on a
>  > unix box typically -- we've been doing our coding of perl dbi just 
> straight
>  > from
>  > the oreilly perl dbi book and we're curious if the latest version of perl
>  > dbd/dbi
>  > has more commands or better documentation on various perl dbi/dbd 
> commands.
>  > A pointer to a directory name on your box will do just fine (no need 
> to provide
>  > box name or usercode).
>In general running "perldoc DBI" or "perldoc DBD::Sybase" should give
>you the necessary information.
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> -
>International Sybase User Group -