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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: what is the Perl DBI (for Sybase) equiv. to Sybperl DBROWS cmd?
Date: Dec 6 2001 9:58PM

Roleigh Martin writes:
 > One question raised was -- what is the equivalent PERL DBI way to code 
 > (convert)
 > use of the old Sybperl DBROWS command especially for when used against the
 > results of a select command.  DBROWS would return basically TRUE or FALSE if
 > rows were returned from a select command without having to read through the
 > rows if you chosed not to.

There is no equivalent, really. $sth->execute will return TRUE if no
error was found, and you then have to call $sth->fetch_*() to see if
there were any rows.

 > Second question, where does the Perl DBD/DBI documentation get installed on a
 > unix box typically -- we've been doing our coding of perl dbi just straight 
 > from
 > the oreilly perl dbi book and we're curious if the latest version of perl 
 > dbd/dbi
 > has more commands or better documentation on various perl dbi/dbd commands.
 > A pointer to a directory name on your box will do just fine (no need to provide
 > box name or usercode).

In general running "perldoc DBI" or "perldoc DBD::Sybase" should give
you the necessary information.

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