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From: "Wheelton, Gareth" <gareth dot wheelton at csfb dot com>
Subject: printing to a piped filehandle of sybase bcp
Date: Nov 21 2001 3:15PM

Apologies for this posting as sybperl is not directly involved but sybase
is, so maybe someone on this group has experienced my problem. 

I'm using a piped filehandle of Sybase bcp to load data from an array into a
tempdb table, like so..

   @arrayofdata = ( 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, blah blah blah .... );
   $bcpcmdline = "| bcp tempdb..tlTmp in /dev/stdin -S$SVR -U$USR -P$PWD

   open (fhBCPIN, $bcpcmdline ) || die ("Couldn't open: $bcpcmdline\n");
   print fhBCPIN join( "\n", @arrayofdata), "\n";

   close fhBCPIN;

when I run this I get the expected output, confirming everything worked OK.

   Starting copy...
   1000 rows sent to SQL Server.
   2000 rows sent to SQL Server.
   3000 rows sent to SQL Server.
   4000 rows sent to SQL Server.
   5000 rows sent to SQL Server.

   5122 rows copied.
   Clock Time (ms.): total = 1  Avg = 0 (5122000.00 rows per sec.)

but not so :-( the table is empty! so I run it through the debugger and it
works fine!  What gives?

A first point of call was playing with the 'autoflush' setting on the
filehandle and no joy, maybe I don't understand how this works properly :-(

Please note I'm using the unix bcp and it's taking input from /dev/stdin.
There is nothing wrong with this technique as the following command line
works fine.

   $ cat somefile | bcp tempdb..sometable in /dev/stdin -SSRVR -UUSER -PPWD

any help will be greatly appreciated as I kinda like it's simplicity

cheers gareth

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