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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Using different interfaces file
Date: Oct 10 2001 3:08PM

Rakesh Dinger writes:
 > Hi gurus,
 > Is it possible to specify a different interfaces file when setting up a
 > connection in Sybperl, rather than use the default one of $SYBASE/interfaces 
 > (something similar to the -I option in isql)???
 > I can do this in DBI, but I need a solution in Sybperl.

For DBlib it's dbsetifile(), which you need to call before you call

For CTlib it's ct_config(), and setting the interface is even the
example in the manual:

       $ret = ct_config($action, $property, $value, $type)
               Calls ct_config() to change some basic parameter,
               like the interfaces file location.

               $action can be CS_SET or CS_GET.

               $property is one of the properties that is set-
               table via ct_config() (see your OpenClient man
               page on ct_config() for a complete list).

               $value is the input value if $action is CS_SET,
               and the output value if $action is CS_GET.

               $type is the data type of the property that is
               being set or retrieved. It defaults to
               CS_CHAR_TYPE, but should be set to CS_INT_TYPE if
               an integer value (such as CS_NETIO) is being set
               or retrieved.

               $ret is the return status of the ct_config() call.


                       $ret = ct_config(CS_SET, CS_IFILE, "/home/mpeppler/foo", CS_CHAR_TYPE);
                       print "$ret\n";

                       $ret = ct_config(CS_GET, CS_IFILE, $out, CS_CHAR_TYPE);
                       print "$ret - $out\n";  #prints 1 - /home/mpeppler/foo

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