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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: TEXT limit of 32768 from ct_fetch/ct_get_data?
Date: Oct 9 2001 4:33PM writes:
 > One of my collegues is having the following problem. I joined this list to look
 > at the archives. I did not find anything related in the archives, but I might
 > have done a lousy search; I tend to use DBD and don't have any TEXT fields in my
 > apps so I may have just not put the right keywords in. If this is a RTFM, please
 > point me in the direction of the FM and I'll gladly R it. :-)
 > *********************************************
 > Could you help me to resolve the issue with retrieving data from the TEXT
 > column:
 > Using package version 2.11
 > It appears that I cannot get TEXT column larger than 32,768 bytes.

You need to set the TEXTSIZE option. This can be done via
    set textsize 
or via ct_option().

See the OpenClient manual for ct_option() usage, and the "set" entry
in the ASE Command Reference Manual for the TEXTSIZE option.

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