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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Callbacks in Sybase::Simple
Date: Jan 15 2001 4:52PM writes:
 > I have a problem which I hope someone out there can help me with. I have 
 > extended the Sybase::Simple class and provided a new one for my 
 > application called DBConnection as per code below:-

 > If I run the following code:-
 > {
 >   my $dbh = DBConnection->new ($user, $passwd, $server);
 >   $dbh->ExecSql("use mydatabase");
 >   $dbh->ExecSql("some sql that causes an insert of a duplicate row into a 
 > table");
 > }
 > I get the following results:
 > printCallback: 5701 Changed database context to 'mydatabase'.
 > Can't locate auto/Sybase/CTlib/ in @INC (@INC 

The problem is that the $dbh that is passed to the callback function
is blessed into the Sybase::CTlib class, rather than the "real" class
of the dbh object. This happens because a new CS_COMMAND struct is
created if "extended error" information is available, so that you can
fetch this information from within the server message callback.

This is a bug. The CTlib.xs ct_connect() call needs to "remember" the
"package" parameter in the ConInfo variable, and then use this same
value when it creates a temporary variable to pass as the first param
to the servermsg_cb() perl callback.

The fix should be fairly simple, I think.

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