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From: "Jeff Greif" <jgreif at befree dot com>
Subject: Re: single quotes and perl
Date: Jan 12 2001 5:37PM

single quotes and perlThis is not a Perl question, but an SQL question.  To include a single quote in a value of a char() or varchar() column of the database table, you construct an sql string exactly as the docs you cite say, that is:

insert people (name,age) values ('John O''Connor', 28)

This inserts a single-quote into the name field between O and C.

I've never tried it, but I presume the same must be true for values of columns of type text.

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Tanja Davidson 
  To: SybPerl Discussion List 
  Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 9:02 AM
  Subject: single quotes and perl

  I've got a newbie perl programmer question. 

  I've been using sybase::Ctlib to do my database connections and all has 
  gone fine until I realized that there's a problem with single quotes if 
  they exist in the text fields of my web forms. 

  Can anyone give me a work around for inserting and searching on text 
  variables which may have embedded single quotes?  

  The docs I've found so far have said to $var=~s/'/''/g but that ends up 
  inserting two single quotes into my database which is unacceptable.  

  This should be a fairly simple question for any guru who has done much 
  perl programming with sybase databases and the web. 

  Thanks in advance!