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From: dowen at midsomer dot org
Subject: Re: Sybase Client & MS SQL7
Date: Jan 11 2001 5:36PM

This is actually a problem with MS, who changed something on their end,
if you connect via isql you will notice the same screw up.  The only real
solution that I found was to convert the date and time to a string at the 
server.  Obviously this is not ideal.


> I have a problem with DateTime columns comning back from Sybperl 2.12, through
> Sybase Client 11.1.1 on Unix from MSSQL7 on NT.
> I have applied SP1 & SP2 to MSSQL7 and there are no more connection problems.
> The only problem at the moment is that datetime columns are screwed. I have
> digged deeper and found out that the problem is with:
> 1. dbconvert function of DB-lib
> or
> 2. dbfetch function of DB-lib
> because byte - date & time portion are simply switched - D1 D2 T1 T2 should be
> T1 T2 D1 D2. I hacked dblib.c and it works
> The only thing is that I do access Sybase server as well and I need extra if
> clause to determine when to switch byte and when not to.
> Guys, if you have any idea or had the same problem please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Steve