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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: max DBPROCESS problem
Date: Jan 9 2001 7:03PM

jimmy mcdonald writes:
 > hello,
 > when using sybperl to connect to sybase i get errors in
 > my web logs that say:
 > Maximum number of DBPROCESSes already allocated.
 > since this is in my web logs, i believe this is
 > being generated by sybperl.

It probably is - but I think this is a symptom of not closing
connections properly. Check your code to make sure that you close
connections properly (i.e. that the $dbh or $dbproc variable is
correctly undef'ed when the script exits, or that you check for an
existing connection before opening a new one.)

 > according to the sybase tech i spoke with, he
 > believes that the max number of connections is 25.
 > he said that if you had a c program you could define
 > it something like this:
 > int   maxprocesses = 100;
 > dbsetmaxprocs (&maxprocesses)
 > is there any way to do something similar in sybperl?

If you have a recent version of sybperl you can say (surprise!)


but this may have to be done before any connections are opened (I'm
not sure - I haven't checked the docs lately)

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