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From: tim dot wilson at barclayscapital dot com
Subject: Seg violation on disconnect from Database handle
Date: Sep 27 2000 12:42PM


On 2nd to last line of some code we have:

undef $DBH;

to disconnect from an 11.9.2 Database. 

Not really needed I know (but the failure we are experiencing may be
pointing to something we are doing wrong elsewhere). 

Most of our code does this final undef and exits without issue. But with one
it SEGV's on this line with, the output from the debugger:

Signal SEGV at /opt/perl5/lib/5.00503/ line 1133
        DB::DB called at line 99
        main::fifo_unm_proc called at line 41

Most of our code involves creating multiple command structures, due to our
use of cursors and these other command structures are undef'ed before the
final undef of the initial database handle.

I put a call:

$x = $DBH->Scalar("select getdate()");

on the line before the undef $DBH and this worked fine.

Any pointers as to where to look or what to try?

Version Info:
This is sybperl, version 2.11

Sybase::CTlib $Revision: 1.40 $ $Date: 1999/09/21 21:05:01 $

Tim Wilson

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