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From: arthur at puma dot mt dot att dot com (Arthur Goldstein)
Subject: Re: output parameters
Date: Sep 25 2000 5:46PM

At least I can stop looking so I definitely appreciate this answer.
Thanks for the response!
(Can one second a feature request?  I am an ISUG member.)

> I think I messed up the email address last time, so I will resend!
> There is currently no way of doing this *other* than parsing syscomments.
> Obviously that is dependent upon the text for the procedure still being there.
> Bret Halford has entered a feature request via the ISUG for just this feature. 
> I do not know if it is scheduled for 12.5 or not.
> Sadly, I suspect that this is not what you wanted to hear .
> dowen
> > Is there a way to determine which are the output parameters of a stored
> > procedure?  sp_sproc_columns doesn't seem to distinguish between input and
> > output parameters nor do any of  the system tables, apparently.  My current
> > thought now is to parse through the text of the stored procedure, using perl.
> > However, I would hope there is another easier/straightforward way.  I am using
> > Sybase