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From: Felix Leo Campos <afterdarkcatvpro at yahoo dot com>
Subject: Re: newbie : transaction levels
Date: Sep 22 2000 3:48PM

Hello Matthew.

I am apparently on your mailing list in error. Please
delete me from your list. Thanks
--- Matthew E Studley  wrote:
> Hi all
> just found the list - pls forgive breaches of
> whatever etiquette is
> current.
> Having to migrate from Oracle 8 (NT) to Sybase
> 11.9.2 (Debian Linux) -
> we will be writing apps in C and Perl.  Initial
> overview of Sybase docs
> (first time I've seen Sybase was last week) worries
> me; default
> transaction and isolation behaviour not similar to
> Oracle.
> Q1.  Can I reset transaction / isolation behaviour
> globally for a user
> so that all requests / own procs executed by user
> have desired
> behaviour.  Alternately, do I just reset them with
> each new db
> connection?
> Q2.  Has anybody got any suggestions for writing
> Sybase stored procs
> that return the equivalent of tables / varrays... so
> that an output
> parameter in my proc call can return a list of rows
> through which I can
> iterate.  I'd rather encapsulate all db access than
> give the developers
> any native SQL to embed in their code.
> oh ... and by the way... hello!
> regards
> Matt
> Matthew Studley 
> Technical Consultant 
> 				 126-128 New Kings Rd
> +44 (0) 7080 810 101		 London  SW6 3LZ.

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