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From: LNowak at aol dot com
Subject: Re: Query re Sybase::CTlib's ct_sql returning alot of data
Date: Aug 16 2000 4:49PM

In a message dated 08/16/2000 12:21:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< "
 This one step call is very useful for writing simple, clear code, but has
 one major drawback: the entire query result set is loaded into memory, which
 makes it unusable for processing large result sets. 
 " >>

When working with data sources 2 ways come to mind:
Reading all the data into variable / array / hash array or streaming the data 
in one line/record at a time into variable/array / hash array.

Lets say you have 100mb data source - you can dump all 100 megs in to @data 
taking up 100+mb of ram memory or you can stream it in one record at a time 
keeping amount memory less that one record size. Now if you know the result 
sets going to be small loaded it all up into memory - if the result set is 
unknown or known to be rather large don't risk running out memory and stream 

As for using Sybase::CTlib - I haven't used it very much - I am a big fan of