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From: tim dot wilson at barclayscapital dot com
Subject: Query re Sybase::CTlib's ct_sql returning alot of data
Date: Aug 16 2000 4:17PM

I suppose this query is going directly to you Michael but I am interested if
anyone else has experience in using ct_sql (or Simple's methods) to return
large datasets

In the document 'Sybperl 2.0: Using the Sybase::CTlib module' 


Michael Peppler states regarding the use of ct_sql in the section One Step

This one step call is very useful for writing simple, clear code, but has
one major drawback: the entire query result set is loaded into memory, which
makes it unusable for processing large result sets. 

When you say unusable for large result sets, do you mean there is a problem
with either ctlib or Sybase::CTlib when returning large result sets or that
this would fail if you ran out of memory during the operation.

Tim Wilson

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