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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: HELP, Syberl does not like my interfaces file, but isql does ???!!!!!
Date: Aug 2 2000 2:11PM

Eric Webber writes:
 > HELP, Syberl does not like my interfaces file, but isql 
 > does ???!!!!!
 > Could this be because my interfaces file is the newer, binary 
 > hex looking file as opposed to the host port clear text type ?
 > here it is:
 > \
 > ## OFA300 on
 > ##       Services:
 > ##              query   tcp     (5600)
 > ##              master  tcp     (5600)
 > OFA300 4 2
 >         query  tli tcp /dev/tcp
 > \x000215e080b7d1d20000000000000000
 > #  query tcp ether arioch 5600  
 > # notice I commented out the above line as it does NOT work, 
 > # but the hex looking line works with isql but NOT sybperl

I have the same setup. I have a server (11.5) running on Solaris 7,
and I have clients running on linux (RH6.1).

Here's the interface file entry for the server, on Solaris:

	master tli tcp /dev/tcp \x00021004c0a800020000000000000000
	query tli tcp /dev/tcp \x00021004c0a800020000000000000000

And here's the interfaces file on linux:

        query tcp ether kiruna 4100
        master tcp ether kiruna 4100

the "kiruna" host is at

When you say that isql works on linux with the "tli" form of the
interfaces file are you 100% sure that you are really running the
linux version of isql and that you aren't logged in to a solaris box
by mistake? (sounds stupid I know, but I've been known to shutdown the 
wrong machine by being logged in remotely and not noticing it...)

Also - for the "tcp" version of the interfaces file you need to make
sure that the first character of the line with the query is a TAB...

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