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From: time <time at activespace dot com>
Subject: Re: random failures with ASPerl, IE, IIS, cgi script
Date: Jul 18 2000 6:17PM

Robert Bresner wrote:

> My script doesn't care about the browser... Very simple, very plain perl/CGI.
> And, back when it was still on the *nix server, IE4/5 worked fine.
> Again, I know and you know that the browser has NOTHING to do with this,
> so why is the browser having something to do with this? :)
> Does IIS do something stupid when it knows the browser is IE vs. Netscape?
> (IIS do something stupid? Naaawwwww.)

I hate to start a flamewar or anything, but in my experiences with Microsoft
software, it does try to treat other Microsoft software specially. I would
seriously consider the possibility of IIS doing something differently when it's
IE on the other end.

Use Junkbuster (or some other proxy server) to fool IIS into thinking your
Netscape broswer is IE5. Try your test again. Alternatively, use Junkbuster to
fool IIS into thinking your IE5 is Netscape.

Use another client besides just Netscape or IE5. Say Opera or Lynx or that Emacs
web browser thing or StarOffice (5.2 looks pretty sweet). Do these work or fail?
If you can find another browser that fails, you might be onto something more than
just the usual Microsoft flamefest.

Tim Ellis