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From: "Robert Bresner" <rbresner at olf dot com>
Subject: Re: random failures with ASPerl, IE, IIS, cgi script
Date: Jul 18 2000 4:27PM

Joe Schell wrote:
> A cgi script runs in the server not in the browser.  Consequently the
> browser itself can't affect the running of the cgi script.  
Exactly why I'm so cornfused :).

> I would look at
> one of the following:
> -The form that starts this process sends parameters and the two browsers
> send those differently.

I'd added debugging lines to the script, which basically prints
out ALL of QUERY_STRING, then the different args in the QUERY_STRING,
after cleanup, as well as all of %ENV that exists when the script is run. 
There are differences from the two browsers, of course, which, to me
shouldn't actually make a difference. I could post them if anyone
thinks it'd be helpful.

> -The server is running the script differently depending on the browser (does
> the code look for the type of browser?)

My script doesn't care about the browser... Very simple, very plain perl/CGI. 
And, back when it was still on the *nix server, IE4/5 worked fine. 
Again, I know and you know that the browser has NOTHING to do with this, 
so why is the browser having something to do with this? :) 

Does IIS do something stupid when it knows the browser is IE vs. Netscape? 
(IIS do something stupid? Naaawwwww.)