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From: Sebastien Rool "LADS" X7550 <roolseb at MLE dot CO dot UK>
Subject: problem reading Sybase11.1.1 interfaces file using DBlib on Solaris5.6
Date: Jul 11 2000 7:30AM

This is the first time I use this email address to ask a question so I am not sure that's the way to proceed or if any rules apply ?? (and please excuse my English because I'm a mere frenchy !)

I am trying to compile a version of 2.12 of sybperl to use a new interfaces file format (we call it Fully Qualified Domain Name here, I don't know if this is a standard appellation) with Sybase11,v11.1.1. The whole thing is running on Sun boxes with SunOS 5.6. 
Running isql with the following interfaces file works fine : 
## SERVER: LDNPRODS6 class = UN  
## LDNPRODS6 - - query_port=2024  
         query tcp /dev/tcp,2024
         master tcp /dev/tcp,2024 

but I get the following error message: 
 DB-Library error: Interface file: unexpected end-of-line. 
when I try to access the Sybase server using Sybase::DBlib in a perl script. 

When I use our old format, it works both with isql and Sybase::DBlib 
## SERVER: LDNPRODS6 class = UN 
## LDNPRODS6 - - query_port=2024 
         query tli tcp /dev/tcp \x000207e8a9f318030000000000000000 
         master tli tcp /dev/tcp \x000207e8a9f318030000000000000000 

Does this mean DBlib simply can't handle these type of Server addresses or is the interfaces file wrong. 
The DBAs here seem to think it's a DBlib problem as it works when using isql. 

Thanks for your help 	
Sebastien Rool