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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: writetext - logged vs unlogged
Date: Jul 5 2000 3:20PM

Gavin Aiken writes:
 > Sorry if this information is documented somewhere, I couldn't find it in 
 > the .pod or elsewhere.
 > Currently I am using the CTLib interface in the module (I am 
 > running 2.10 but am happy to upgrade to 2.12, with perl version 5.004_04, 
 > connecting to ASE for various tasks, including writing blobs to 
 > the db using ct_send_data(). This works very well for me but the speed of 
 > writing the blobs is poor, although I am setting a larger packet size for 
 > the network and so on to try to optimize it. I understand that logged 
 > writes may be faster than unlogged writes, but I'm not sure which the 
 > module is doing for me (I assume unlogged), or how to set the option.

Mea culpa - this stuff appears to not be documented.

You can use ct_data_info() to set the "log_on_update" option (see the
Sybase OpenClient C reference manual for the correct values).

Something like:

 $dbh2->ct_data_info(CS_SET, 2, {total_txtlen => length($data),
		log_on_update=> CS_TRUE}, $dbh);

(line taken from the example in the sybperl man page and edited to add 
the log_on_update parameter).

I don't know what the default value is (I suspect it's on by default).

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