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From: Lance Andersen <lancea at SYBASE dot COM>
Subject: Re: sybperl and adaptive server anywhere on NT
Date: Jun 16 2000 8:55PM wrote:
> We recently started using Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0 on NT as a trial.
> I just downloaded Active Perl on to the same NT.
> I also installed Sybperl using ppm of Active Perl.
> Does sypberl supposed to work with Adaptive Server Anywhere(7.0)?
> If it should, since I do not seem to be able to figure how to connect to
> a Sybase adaptive server anywhere test database using perl, could you please
> point me to some example, or instruction/documentation, etc.?
> Thank you very much,
> yako sanborn
> National Nuclear Data Center
> Brookhaven National Lab

Yes it should.  ASA uses a default port of 2638.  You can add an
entry to an interfaces file for ASA
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