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From: "Patrick S dot Leung" <pleung at easygroup dot com>
Subject: Re: problem with ct_send_data
Date: Jun 16 2000 4:16AM

Thanks Mike.  You are right.  I changed the stored proc to insert a " "
initially, and then my perl script works great now.  I've overlooked that
ct_send_data cannot update NULL fields.

Rgds, Patrick

Michael Peppler wrote:

> Patrick S. Leung writes:
>  > I modified one of my old update text scripts, and it didn't work
>  > afterward.  The table has one text column,
>  >
>  > And here is the error message:
>  >
>  > Server message: (In srv_cb)
>  > Message number: 156, Severity 15, State 1, Line 1
>  > Server 'DEVELOP1'
>  > Message String: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'NULL'.
>  > ...
>  > (more errors below)
> That looks like a problem with the fact that the data in the column is
> NULL initially (I think!).
> Try setting the column to '' first, and see if that fixes the problem.
> Michael
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