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From: Bruce Britts <b dot britts at planning dot usyd dot edu dot au>
Subject: Sybperl install problems on Win NT
Date: Jun 14 2000 4:29AM

I'm trying to install sybperl-2.11 on a Win NT 4.0 workstation (a test 
platform) with ActivePerl v5.6.0.613 installed and have encountered the 
following error when runnng 'perl' -

	'The getpwnam function is unimplemented at ./ line 71'

No MAKEFILE was created.

I followed the steps in the install notes and set correct (as far as I can 
tell) values in the config file.

I downloaded and older version of sybperl - 2.09 - to see if the getpwnam 
function is called (it isn't), and MAKEFILE was created OK (but then I got 
errors running nmake, so didn't go any further).

Thank in advance,

Bruce Britts
Statistics Unit, Planning Support Office
University of Sydney

ph. 9351 4577
fax. 9351 7301