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From: G dot Hood at iaea dot org
Subject: RE: sp_serverinfo error message
Date: Jun 13 2000 6:52AM

Sorry, I seem to have confused things - the error message is telling me the
procedure sp_serverinfo doesn't exist, which is true because the procedure
is called sp_server_info (with the extra underscore). My question is, who is
calling the former? Is it SybPerl? Is there some difference between Sybase
and SQL Server as far as this proc goes?

-----Original Message-----
From: Murali Kumar []
Sent: Friday June 2000 15:50
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: Re: sp_serverinfo error message

    There is a stored procedure. 'sp_serverinfo'  in Sybase ASE and takes
one of these arguments 
        'server_csname' - returns server default charecter set 
        'server_soname' - returns server default sort order 
        'csdefinition' - returns type, id, definition of default charecter
        'sodefinition' - returns name of default charecter set 
sp_server_info  returns 'a list of attribute names and matching values for a
server'. wrote: 

 I have started seeing the following error message on web pages built using
SybPerl. It might be since we upgraded to SQL Server 7 though I'm not sure.
My DBA tells me there is no such procedure, but that it is sp_server_info.
Can someone tell me any info on this?Msg -66453504, Level 16, State 62
Server 'SG_Q1', Could not find stored procedure 'sp_serverinfo'.