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From: Jack dot Marshall at barclayscapital dot com
Subject: sybperl 2.11 multiple install on single host [HP-UX]
Date: May 30 2000 4:19PM

> Version info first:
> 	OS:	HP-UX 11.00 64-bit
> 	H/w:	Any HP host
> 	Perl	5.005_03 / 5.005_04
> 	sybperl	2.11
> 	oclient 	1111
> I don't know how bizzare this question is going to be... a normal install
> onto a HP-UX 11 host is fine. But we have several clustered (multi-node)
> systems. Where several applications can be using the same perl install,
> linked using one of the application environments. If the application under
> which sybperl was compiled switches nodes for any reason, it takes with it
> the sybase and the oclient installation. 
> We can configure the interfaces file to reside underneath the
> application's
> mount-point (so it's always available). But it also references things like
> oclient/lib/* - which would no longer exist and the shared libs all fail
> to
> load.
> Has anyone found a manageable way of handling this without multiple
> installations of perl on a single host. Is it possible to install sybperl
> within it's own hierarchy - outside of perl5 install dirs. We've been
> unable
> to compile it statically - and I assume the same problem would still apply
> if we could compile it.
> TIA...
	Jack Marshall
	Global IT Infrastructure, Barclays Capital

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