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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Solaris 8 woes
Date: May 26 2000 11:32PM writes:
 > I'm having a little trouble building Sybperl 2.12 on a Solaris 8 box.
 > Solaris 8 is great in that it includes all sorts of goodies you usually
 > install yourself (perl5, gcc, etc.). It's bad in that it puts those things
 > in odd directories i.e. not in /usr/local. I'm wondering if that's what's
 > complicating my build attempts.
 > For example, even though gcc is in my path (/opt/sfw/bin) the Makefile
 > that's generated by "perl Makefile.PL" keeps setting CC to cc (the cheesy,
 > broken one). I tried "perl Makefile.PL CC=gcc LD=gcc" and that didn't seem
 > to take hold in the subdirectory Makefiles (CTlib/Makefile, etc.). If I
 > manually edited all the Makefiles, I got a little further, but found it was
 > calling some switches that weren't appropriate for gcc.

The problem here is that your perl has been built with the unbundeled
cc compiler, not gcc, and so when you use it (perl) to build a new
extension needing a compiler it will try to reuse what it knows (in
particular all the compile switches that are needed).

You will probably have to rebuild perl with gcc to get this to work

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