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From: "Dierdorp, Michael" <MDierdorp at telfort dot nl>
Subject: RE: nsql error
Date: May 26 2000 12:58PM

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	David J Iannucci []
> Sent:	donderdag 25 mei 2000 22:36
> To:	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject:	nsql error
> Hello,
>    I'm trying to use nsql to catch deadlocking errors,
> and referring to the Sybperl manual on Michael Peppler's
> web site.  Unfortunately, for someone who's relatively
> new to this stuff, the description of the error handling
> facility of nsql is not entirely lucid.
> Viz.,
> > The nsql() routine will maintain the success or failure
> > state in a variable $DB_ERROR, accessed by the method
> > of the same name, and a pair of Sybase message/error
> > handler routines are also provided which will use
> > $DB_ERROR for the Sybase messages and errors as well.
> I need to know:
>   1) What sort of values are stored in $DB_ERROR?  Are
>      they error code numbers, such as "1205" for deadlock
>      victimization?  The example code seems to suggest
>      that they are English messages, but I'd like to confirm.
>   2) What is the "method of the same name"?  Is there
>      a routine called db_error()?  If so, how do I use it?
> Thanks very much for any help you can give,
> Dave Iannucci
> Myriad Genetics, Inc.
> Salt Lake City, Utah