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From: "JASON LEWIS" <jlewis9 at weber dot edu>
Subject: Re: Connections and Forking ....
Date: May 17 2000 6:23PM

Doesn't the function need to be called as:


>>> 05/16/00 06:48AM >>>
Excuse me as a recent arrival on to this list ...

I have a question about forking and database connections. My situation is that I
would like to run queries simultaneously on two different servers ($dbs and

Basically, this is more a perl question than a sybperl question, but I am hoping
there is an answer.

Bottom line, really, can be explained with one connection. Is it possible to
connect, and then in a child, do a retrieve, and make the results available
again to the parent?


#!/usr/local/bin/perl -T -w

use Sybase::CTlib;
use strict;

my ($uid, $pwd, $srv) = ('lear', 'mysafepassword', 'SYBASE');

my $db;

$db = Sybase::CTlib->ct_connect($uid, $pwd, $srv) or die "Could not connect.";

my $child;
my $ret;
my $res_type;
$child = fork ();
if ($child) {
  # then parent ... ;-)
  # Do lots and lots of other stuff.
  wait ();
  # The following line does not work.
  do_fetches ();
} else {
  $ret = $db->ct_execute ("select suid, name from master..syslogins");
  die ("Could not execute sql.") unless $ret == CS_SUCCEED;
  $ret = $db->ct_results($res_type);
  while ($ret == CS_SUCCEED && ! $db->ct_fetchable ($res_type)) {
    $ret = $db->ct_results($res_type);
  die "No valid results" unless $ret = CS_SUCCEED;
  # The following line works.
  #do_fetches ();
  exit 1;

sub do_fetches () {
  my @dat;
  while (@dat = $db->ct_fetch ()) {
    print "ID $dat[0], Name $dat[1]\n";

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