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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Connections and Forking ....
Date: May 16 2000 2:25PM

Rolf G Lear writes:
 > Excuse me as a recent arrival on to this list ...
 > I have a question about forking and database connections. My situation is that I
 > would like to run queries simultaneously on two different servers ($dbs and
 > $dbt).
 > Basically, this is more a perl question than a sybperl question, but I am hoping
 > there is an answer.
 > Bottom line, really, can be explained with one connection. Is it possible to
 > connect, and then in a child, do a retrieve, and make the results available
 > again to the parent?


What you *can* use is the asynch calls in the Sybase::DBlib module
(I've not used them, but they do work).

You could also set up some IPC between the parent and child to read
the results from one to the other (using select(), etc), or write the
results to a temp file in the child, and then read this file in in the 
do_fetch() call...

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