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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: "undefined symbol: scl_init " again!
Date: May 8 2000 1:59PM

ye wei writes:
 > Hi,
 > I remembered when I first installed sybperl, I got "unefined symbol:
 > scl_init" error, then
 > I fixed it by modifying CONFIG file, and setting up sybase environment.
 > But yesterday
 > when I tried to install sybperl on my laptop computer, I got it once
 > again, even after I setup
 > 'CONFIG', 'PWD' file and environment variables. I tried to build with
 > dynamic and static link,
 > but both failed at last.
 > This is the screenshot when I tried to build with dynamic link,
 > after I have run 'make install'.
 > My computer are installed with Redhat6.1, kernel upgraded to 2.2.14,
 > sybase-11.9.2-linux, sybperl-2.11 and perl 5.005_3.

You need to make sure that you link with -lsybtcl not -ltcl. Normally
the Makefile.PL script does this automatically, but it appears that in 
your case it didn't - so edit CTlib/Makefile and change -ltcl to
-lsybtcl and rebuild sybperl.

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