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From: time <time at activespace dot com>
Subject: Re: Question about Message/Error handling
Date: May 2 2000 9:07PM

Michael Peppler wrote:

> drTime writes:
>  > However, when our application (DBLIB, remember?) fills up the database,
>  > we get a Sybase ERROR number 20018, which is a generic server message
>  > saying an error occurred and to check the logs.
> This could be a programming problem, where the errHandler (which is
> called *after* the message handler) stuffs *it's* error value (the
> 20018 - which is the DBlibrary error, I think) into some variable and
> overwrites the value of the error that you get back from Sybase in the
> msgHander...

You were right. It was a programming problem. Both the message and error
handler were being called, but the message handler had some sneaky code that
caused it not to handle an 1105, whereas the error handler handled the 20018.

Thanks for the clue!

Tim Ellis
time at activespacespam me notdot com