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From: drTime <time at activespace dot com>
Subject: Question about Message/Error handling
Date: Apr 28 2000 7:06PM

Prelude to a Problem. We make a connection to the database using


    if (exists $ENV{MOD_PERL}){
        $dbh = Apache::Sybase::DBlib->connect($dbuser, $dbpwd,
$dbserver, $activespace);
    } else {
        $dbh = Sybase::DBlib->new($dbuser, $dbpwd, $dbserver,


Lead-up to the Problem. We legitimately want to fill up our database's
log and/or data segments with stuff. So we build a table with maybe 30
text columns and start inserting rows into the table.

The Problem. Finally we fill up the database. If we do this from SQSH
(which I believe is a CTLIB application) we get a Sybase MESSAGE 1105
(segment full) which is very specific and useful, and is the desired

However, when our application (DBLIB, remember?) fills up the database,
we get a Sybase ERROR number 20018, which is a generic server message
saying an error occurred and to check the logs.

And, you guessed it, there's nothing of any error in either the server
or backup logs. Not that it matters any. I don't want to parse server
logs. I want the calling app to receive a MESSAGE 1105, not an ERROR
20018, as it appears that ERROR 20018 can cover far more situations than
just an 1105.

My questions...

(1) Is this truly a DBLIB vs. CTLIB problem, or just a random guess on
my part?

(2) Is this an error on our part in using DBLIB? ie: can I get the
desired behaviour of the &_msgHandle routine being called on an 1105?

(3) What is the meaning of life -- what's with the number 42 and all
those graffittis about Kilroy?

- - -
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t i m e (at) a c t i v e s p a c e . c o m