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From: "David Owen" <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Version 2.1
Date: Apr 21 2000 1:11AM

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to comp.databases.sybase as well.

Sorry if you get this multiple times, but it has relevance to all 3 mailing
lists (Sybase, Perl and Free!) and to the news group.

The latest release of is now available from, 

or directly from 

via anonymous ftp.  (I have left the old release on the ftp server as in case someone still wants it.) is a Sybperl script that extracts the schema from an ASE.  It
was originally written by Michael Peppler and has been helped along by a
whole host of people since then.  It runs on just about any platform that
Sybperl does, and enables the schema to be extracted into flat files in a
number of different ways:

    o one big script
    o one script per object type (tables, procs etc)
    o one script per object

The major new feature with this release is the ability to extract the
schema of a whole server with a single command.  (Each of the extraction
types mentioned above then applies to the database being extracted at the
time, so you get one file per object type *per* database etc etc).

David Owen     Midsomer Consultants Inc.
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