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From: Michael Burstin <mikeb at davox dot com>
Subject: Re: returning and forgot everything about MSSQL
Date: Apr 14 2000 12:28PM

> Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 01:36:48 -0600 (MDT)
> From: David Hojo Hajoglou 
> Subject: returning and forgot everything about MSSQL
> Hello all.  It is good to be using sybperl again.  I recall eons ago
> (actually, just about 6 months ago) that I was using Sybase::DBlib
> to access a MSSQL server (a 6 something version).  Now I am trying
> to use the same to access MSSQL 7.  However, I am having trouble.
> So, let me run this by you:

Sort of funny, I was going to post this today, anyway.  Micro$oft
broke Sybase compatibility with MSSQL 7.0 (along with a whole lot of
other good Sybase stuff, IMO).  

They released service pack 2 of the dataserver a few weeks ago, which
fixes the connection errors from the Sybase side, meaning that most
likly, you will need to upgrade your MSSQL database to SQL7 sp2.  

Also, not sure if the port is correct, but go to the MSSQL Server
network config tool from the start menu.  Select TCP/IP from the
screen that it brings up, and it will list the port.

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Michael Burstin