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From: ye wei <yw at alabanza dot net>
Subject: Re: How to implement Statement handle in CTlib?
Date: Apr 9 2000 12:37AM

Michael Peppler wrote:

> ye wei writes:
>  >
>  > Compare with DBI, I perfer Sybperl, because sybperl is much more
>  > flexiable, but
>  > I wonder if is there any way to implement a statement handle or have
>  > more than 1 database
>  > handles in a script but only keep 1 database connection in CTLib?
>  > So, I wonder is there any way to implement something like
>  > DB_Handle/Statment_Handle (DBI conception) in CTLib?
>  > I spent some time to study DBD::Sybase,  it seems that ct_dynamic() is
>  > used for allocate a statement handle.
>  > But ct_cynamic() is not supported in CTLib.
> Read the documentation for DBD::Sybase closely. If you open more than
> one statement handle on a connection handle DBD::Sybase will create an
> additional physical connection to the database.

Yes, that's true. However, it seems that with DBD::Sybase, I can
use only *one* database connection to call do() to execute non-query
statements with a db handle,
while I open a statement handle to hold some pending results.

$sth = $dbh->prepare("select foo from tblBar");
while(@row=$sth->fetchrow()) {
    ## with dbh execute SQL while statement handle is open
    $dbh->do("update tblBar set balance=2 ...");

But I can not do that with Sybase::CTlib with only 1 database connection.
I have to open an additional db connection for the update sql.

Any help is very appericiated!!!

> So you just need to open additional connections if you absolutely need
> to have pending results on various statement handles.
> Michael
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Ye wei