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From: Andrew dot Crossland at citicorp dot com
Subject: Sybase::CTlib ct_callback
Date: Mar 22 2000 11:30AM

I have been hunting everywhere but cannot find the answer that I'm after. The 
Sybperl documentation states that the interface to the ct_callback subroutine 
is as follows:-
 old_cb = ct_callback($type, $cb_func) 
 Install a callback routine. Valid callback types are CS_CLIENTMSG_CB and 
CS_SERVERMSG_CB. Returns a reference to the previously installed callback of 
the specified type, or undef if no callback of that type exists. Passing undef 
as $cb_func unsets the callback for that type. 

This would appear to setup callbacks applying to all database connections. 
Looking at the OpenClient documentation, the ct_callback function accepts a 
database connection as one of the parameters, thus enabling callbacks to be 
defined as local to the database connection rather than applying to all 
database connections.

I really want to enable the creation of multiple database connections with 
potentially different callback handlers on the database connections. The ways 
that I see this as possible are:-
* ct_callback is implemented as a method on an instance of Sybase::CTlib. This 
may already be true but I can't find any documentation.
* The class method ct_callback accepts a new parameter which is an instance of 
Sybase::CTlib. Not as nice as the other option but possible I guess.

If anyone has any further ideas then I would be grateful to read them. 

Can anyone help? Thanks v.much,