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From: "Robert Bresner" <rbresner at olf dot com>
Subject: use Sybase::Sybperl messing up CGI ?
Date: Mar 21 2000 10:22PM


IIS - 4.0
NT Server 4.0
Perl 5.004_04 / ASPerl 5.005_05
Sybperl 1.27 ? 2.11 ? ( See below )

We recently changed from a *nix based web server to a WinNT IIS server,
and only the CGI scripts using Sybase::Sybperl are having troubles.
That's, of course, all of the good ones...

With Netscape and IE4-5, I get this output:
         at C:/Perl/site/lib/Sybase/ line 79
        BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:/Perl/site/lib/Sybase/
        BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at D:\intra\enterprise\rel_req.cgi
line 7.
(Which seems to be missing a line or two ? )

The program runs perfectly from the command line on the server.
I've also set QUERY_STRING before running, and still no problems.
Only when the script is executed from a browser does it fail
with the above output. 
The script also seems to run fine when the 
        use Sybase::Sybperl
line is removed. ( Of course, the database stuff fails, but the page
itself displays, instead of the CGI Error page or the above error msgs.)

I tried removing the -w and use strict; from the Perl file, remembering
some very old issues with that and use Sybase::Sybperl;. Still no help.

We were using the CPAN perl 5.004_04, then downloaded and tried 
ActiveState Perl 5.005_05. tells me the version is 1.27,
ActiveState's PPM.exe tells me Sybperl version is 2.11, and up to date.

I know this isn't a CGI list, but I'm hoping someone experienced 
(and fixed :) at least something similar to the problem I'm experiencing,
or can point me to a better place to post.

Robert Bresner
Open Link Financial    516-227-6600 x216    fax: 516-227-1799
Opinions expressed are explicitly my own
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schizophrenia. --Taoist meditation chant