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From: "David Owen" <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybperl question
Date: Mar 21 2000 1:35PM

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Shields  writes:

I am cross mailing your note to the Sybperl mailing list, which is the
best place for help in Sybperl.

    Scott> David, I was reviewing your homepage and I thought you might be
    Scott> able to assist me in compiling Sybperl.  I posted my question in
    Scott> the sybase usenet group yesterday.  As of today no one has
    Scott> commented.

    Scott> The problem seems to be when occur after the make test portion
    Scott> of the compile.  I posted the error message and my system
    Scott> information in the usenet group

The chances are that this is due to the entries in the PWD file (I think
that is what it is called).  You need to put the name, server and password
of the Sybase server that you want to connect to.

    Scott> Let me know if you able to work with me on getting this
    Scott> compiled.  At this point I have linux, sybase, and apache
    Scott> installed and configured, I just can't connect to sybase.

If this does not answer your problem, you might try Michael Peppler's site