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From: "David Owen" <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: Sybase FAQ: New Edition, New Home
Date: Mar 17 2000 3:37PM

(I apologise if any of you are on all four lists, but I think that the FAQ
is relevant to all readers of all the lists.)

(I would ask you to conjure up the smoke, dry ice and dancing girls that
Microsoft used to release Windows 2000, but I would not be so crass!!!)

OK, so after a little bit more hard work than expected, the first release
of the new FAQ is up on the ISUG website.

is the URL.  I have reorganized it so that we can have new FAQs for ASA,
REP, IQ and any other server that we comes into common usage.  Jaguar
springs to mind.

Please send bugs and comments to me ( or I have set up
an account for just that purpose.  Nobody reads these
messages so I do not expect anyone to use it!!!!  :-)

There is one known bug, the search utility is not quite working perfectly.
I am working on it, but if there is anyone out there with some good web/cgi
skills who has a perl script for searching a *tree* of html pages (the tree
is on Unix) then I would be very grateful for some help.

Thanks very much to Tom O'Connell for hosting it for the last 18 months.

Thanks also to everyone who has helped, especially Luc van der Veurst,
Michael Peppler and Anthony Mandic!