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From: "CREN ListProc(tm) Version 8 dot 2 dot 09" <listproc at list dot cren dot net>
Date: Feb 2 2000 1:18PM

Dear user,

Your request


has been successfully processed.

		********** HOW TO POST TO THE LIST **********

Welcome to list SYBPERL-L ( The system has recorded
your address as

and it is required that you send your postings from this address.

		********** HOW TO GET OFF THE LIST **********

To sign off from the list, email to with the following 

			signoff SYBPERL-L
			unsubscribe SYBPERL-L


You may get your current subscription attributes at any time by sending the
following request to

			query SYBPERL-L

		********** WHERE TO SEND EMAIL **********

If you want to post messages to list SYBPERL-L, you should direct your 
email to, not 
If you wish to send requests please do not send them to the list -- they 
will not be processed. Instead direct them to 
Requests sent to should be placed in the body of the 
email message, not the Subject:. ListProc ignores requests in the Subject: 

You can, however, put as many requests as you like in one mail message; each
request should be on a line by itself. If your request is too long for your
mailer to handle, you can break it in multiple lines, but each line should
end with the character & (ampersand). For example, here are two separate

mail &

The ampersands in the above example are immediately followed by carriage
returns. The above requests are equivalent to:

			set SYBPERL-L mail ack

		********** DIGESTS **********

All messages posted to this list are also available in daily digests.
If you wish to receive messages in digest format you may send the following
request to

			set SYBPERL-L mail digest

		********** LIST OWNERS **********

The list's owners are .
You should contact them if there are any problems.

		********** YOUR LISTPROC PASSWORD **********

The system has assigned you an initial password: 949497515
You may change it by sending the following request to

		set SYBPERL-L password 949497515 new-password

where new-password is the new string of characters that you would like
to use as your ListProc password.

WARNING: You should NOT use your login password as this is not a secure

This password is to be used when connecting to this server over the Internet
for interactive processing of requests (send a 'help live' request for more

		********** GETTING STATISTICS **********

To get list statistics you may send the following request to

			stats SYBPERL-L
Review requests are available to privileged users (e.g. owners) only.

		********** ACCESS TO THE LIST'S ARCHIVES **********

The list is archived regularly and many, if not all, previous postings are
available from this server. All past mail messages are collected into
(daily, monthly, etc) logs; to get a list of the available logs for this list
you may send the following request to

			index SYBPERL-L

Each line will show you the log file's name, its size, and a brief comment.
You can then get any logs with the GET request. For example, if you wish to
get log9611 you may send the following request to

			get SYBPERL-L log9611

Here we assume log9611 is the name of the log. Log names may not necessarily
be uniform.

		********** HOW TO GET MORE HELP **********

To get more information on how to use this service, please send the 
following request to


There are far more options, settings, and niceties about ListProcessor(tm)
and we encourage you to explore all of them; HELP should be your starting



Welcome to the Sybperl-L mailing list.

This list exists to facilitate discussion of and support for
Sybperl.  Sybperl is an extension to the perl programming language
that allows direct access to a Sybase database.

For more information about Sybperl, see the home page of its author,
Michael Peppler, at

This list is archived, and available via a web interface at

Register at the site for the best access, but the archives are open 
to anyone, registered or not.

You can also use the traditional ListProc email interface for access 
to the archives.  Documentation for ListProc is available at

or by sending a message to with a BLANK subject, 
and a message body of

This list is for technical discussion of Sybperl.  Off-topic posts 
(in the opinion of the listowners) are cause for removal from the 
list.  This hasn't been a problem so far, let's keep it that way.

Please check these resources for the answer to your question before 

The Sybperl FAQ at

The Sybperl manual, should be on your system with Sybperl, or at

For perl questions that are not specifically Sybperl, consult the 
resources at: