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From: wlius <wlius at uclink4 dot berkeley dot edu>
Subject: Re: Calling a Stored Procedure with 30 parameters
Date: Feb 17 2000 4:42PM

>Wei Liu writes:
> > 	I'm using the CTlib for calling a stored procedure with 30
> > parameters.  All these 30 params are of the same type and passed from an
> > array of strings.  Is there any way that I can use a loop to go thru each
> > param instead of sending the param via $dbh individually 30 times?  Thanks!
>How do you set the params at the moment?
>Do you use the ct_param() call?
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Yes, indeed like this:

$d->ct_param({name => '@arg_str1',
           datatype => CS_CHAR_TYPE,
             status => CS_INPUTVALUE,
              value => $arg_str[0],
          indicator => CS_UNUSED});

Now that I have @arg_str1 to @arg_str30 and they are the 30 elements of an
array @arg_str.  What I am thinking is that using the above ct_param()
individually 30 times for these 30 params, though worked perfectly, may
seem a bit too much repetition.  I have tried to use a loop by omitting the
'name' in above ct_param() call but only got an error msg.

Thanks for the help.